An Appeal

Nature has favored us in all possible ways. Our ancestors were tilling this land for a very very long time with natural ways and means. Due to blessings of Nature and rigorous efforts of our ancestors, this land was known as GOLDEN LAND (Suvarna Bhumi). Land was fed, at that time, by Natural Manure prepared from cow dung and farmyard waste.

But time came when we were required to grow more food for increasing population and we started using Chemical Fertilizers and pesticides. Unfortunately their large-scale application has drastically changed the structure of soil fauna. It must be realized that soil along with its faunal components constitutes Living Soil.

Today we realize to our dismay that soils are dying!

Let us strengthen our soil again with the help of all kind of Perishable waste and with the help of farmer’s friend – The Earthworm.

Let all of us have a common mission… to make this land A GOLDEN LAND (Suvarna Bhumi) again.