How to use Vermicompost

In Horticulture

1. Does depends on the age of the plant.
2. Make a 6-7 inch deep ring round the plant.
3. Apply a thin layer of dry cow-dung & bone meal with 2-5 kilograms Vermicompost.
4. Cover this with a thin layer of soil.
5. Mulch this ring with organic matter.
6. Light spray of water.

In Pots

1. Apply handful Vermicompost near root zone.
2. Repeat application after 1 month.
3. Water as usual.

In Agriculture

1. Apply Vermicompost at the rate of 3 tons/acre.
2. Mix Vermicompost with equal quantity of dried cow dung.
3. Broadcast this when seeding are 5-6 inch in height.
4. Watering as usual.

NOTE: Application depends upon initial soil status.