Importance of Vericompost

Excess use of water, unlimited use of chemical fertilizer and poisonous insecticides and pesticides are deteriorating land and crops. Hence now some of the farmers are using organic manure. To use Vermicompost is a first step towards organic farming. Vermicompost is the only remedy to improve the structure if the soil, which is drastically deteriorated by large, scale application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Fertile land is the base of the farming. Presently we are looking towards producing more by supplying nutrients artificially or by extracting un-naturally from the land used for farming. Due to which nutrients, bacteria, many types of insects, earthworms are destroyed. Land is becoming unfertile. Proportion of humus is also decrying. Organic manure is also helps in continues formation of humus in soil. Soil along with its faunal components constitutes living soil. In this process importance of earthworms is experience by every body. Vermicompost has excellent properties and is absolutely harm less to plants. Vermicompost is having minerals in available forms, which are readily assimilable by plants, more bacterial population than the surrounding soils and 40% humus than the soil. It helps to hold water but excess of water flows away through it. Vermicompost is having more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium than the soil.