Windrow composting for Grampanchayat

We, VIVAM AGROTECH are pleased to introduce ourselves as “Waste Managers”. The burning
desire of environment protection and maintaining the natural resources are the reasons for
establishing this organization. The principle of 3R i.e. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse will be used
for waste management.

For treatment of Municipal Solid Waste there are many technologies available. Aerobic Composting
is one such technology and it is considered to be one of the cheapest solutions to Mixed Municipal
Solid Waste. All biodegradable material available in waste is converted into valuable soil-enriched
Organic Manure. All non-biodegradable such as plastics, metals etc. are segregated, reconditioned
and sold in open market. Some part of non-biodegradable consists of inert material as stones etc.
which can be directly used for land filling.

Aerobic Composting is a process involving bio-chemical conversion of organic matter into humus
lignopoteins by mesophilic and thermophilic organisms.

A composting process seeks to harness the natural forces of decomposition to secure the
conversion of organic waste into organic manure. This process is done under controlled conditions
in order to:

  • Make it aesthetically acceptable.
  • Minimize the production of offensive odours.
  • Avoid the propagation of insects or odours.
  • Destroy pathogenic organisms present in the original waste.
  • Retain the maximum nutrient content, NPK.
  • Minimize the time required to complete the process.
  • Minimize the land area required for the process.

After Aerobic Composting, waste is passed through the segregation plant to recover Organic
Manure containing negligible impurities (in the form of sand-silica only). Company introduced an
automated plant which segregates the organic material from the waste. Hydraulically driven
equipment’s used for segregation, enhances the safety of operation and minimizes breakdowns .