Vermicompost Vs. Compost

Fast Manufacturing
(Around 1 month)
Slow Manufacturing
(Around 4 months)
No odor, No mosquitoes/bees Trouble due to oder,
mosquitoes and bees.
Less space requirement.
6 m x 1.5 m x 0.6 m
“Swarup” Instrument
gives output of 1.5 tons per month.
More space requirement.
3 m x 3 m x 0.6 m = 5.5 Cu. M.
Gives 1 tone after four months
We get Vermiwash. No other product than compost.
Vermicompost requirement
per acre is 2 tones.
Compost requirement
per acre is 5 tons
No heigh temperature hence more
work from microbes.
High temperature hence less work
from microbes.
More micro-organisms, enzymes
available in vermicompost.
Micro-organisms and enzymes are
less in compost.
Large scale manufacturing possible. Large-scale manufacturing is not possible
due to time contraint.
Additional income from selling of
Earthworms is possible.
No any additional income possible.

Convential methods Vs. “Swarup” method

Loss of earthworma due
to development of heat
while composting
More Less No loss
Loss of earthworms More Less No loss
Loss of Earthworms due
to attack of birds
and animals
as rats, snakes etc.
Possible Possible No loss
Migration of earthworms Possible Possible Not possible
Odor generation More Less No odor
Specific time calculation
of manufacture of Vermicompost.
Not possible Not possible possible
Use of latest technlogy No No Done
Collection of Vermiwash Not possible Not possible Possible
Shifting of place. Not possible Expensive Easy