Swarup Vermicomposting System

Specially Designed System

This is a scientifically designed instrument made up from steel sections and chain link mesh. It is folding type hence easy to transport. It is fully aerobic so that it maintains suitable temperature for earthworms. It protects earthworms from rats, snakes, frogs, birds etc. Earthworms cannot come out of the instrument. Excess water of rains can flow out of the instrument very easily and protects earthworms. These are the main advantages over traditional methods of vermicomposting like pit and depot type.

Earthworms are also provided with the instrument. The species, which are supplid, are Elsenia-foetida, Eudrilus-euginiae, Dravida-Willsil and Perionyx-Excavatus.

The technology is very much useful for producing high quality vermicompost on large scale. Application of this system at various places has proved its success. Our intension is that the farmers should produce vermicompost needed for their farms, on their own. So that they will get pure and very cheap vermicompost at their doorsteps and will also save on transportation.

For this we give training to the farmers at their farms, give them knowledge, technology and healthy active earthworms of correct species.

No Electricity required !!!

Process of vermicompost manufacturing:

1. Fill up semi compost biomass in the instrument and put earthworms in it.
2. Sprinkle water daily.
3. After one month separate out vermicompost and earthworms
4. Repeat the same process to continue vermicomposting for next month.

Model Size
(in Ft)
(in Cu. Ft.)
of vermicompost
every month
from the instrument
(in kg.)
Mahakay-1 20 X 5 X 2 200      
Mahakay-2 10 X 5 X 2 100     500
Madhyama-1 6 X 5 X 2 60     300
Madhyama-2 3 X 5 X 2 30     150
Home Hold 2 X 2 X 2 8     50

Some photos of Our Models: